Investigation in Vrancea after 112 operator allegedly told a girl she has no available patrol cars

Vrancea Police has started an investigation after a female 112 operator would have told a young woman she has no available patrol cars to provide assistance. The girl had called 112 to announce she was teased by several men while driving and the men would have followed her home.

According to sources within the investigators, a young woman from Vrancea county called 112 and asked for the police’s help, but the operator told her she had had no available patrol cars. The policewoman would have told the girl she did not know how long it will take to direct a patrol car to the location of the call, as all policemen are involved in several missions in the field.

The same sources said there were more phone calls on this case and that a man would have intervened in the discussion, saying he is the girl’s father. He asked the 112 operator several questions while he was recording the conversation.

An internal investigation is under way to determine if the 112 operator had acted under the rules and if sanctions will be imposed.

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