Iohannis calls for responsibility on coronavirus reports. Protective masks and disinfectants to be brought next week

President Klaus Iohannis has made a new call for calm on the coronavirus topic. In a Facebook post, the President tells Romanian citizens there is no real reason for panic, while also asking mass media to treat the topic with responsibility.

“It is normal to treat all this situation very seriously, as the first case has been confirmed in Romania, but there is no real reason for panic. The Covid-19 infection mostly prompts only mild symptoms, sore throat, coughing and fever, like any other cold. So, the natural step for each of us is to firmly enforce the authorities’ recommendations and to get constant information from reliable, official sources,” Iohannis said.

Let’s show solidarity in discouraging any attempt to create sensational news in these moments. Spreading alarming pieces of news or even fake news can generate a panic outbreak, with negative consequences for our people. Let’s contribute in sharing useful prevention information and let’s take care to protect the elderly and vulnerable people who have chronic diseases”, the head of state further points out.

In his turn, a secretary of state within Health Ministry, Nelu Tataru has also launched a call for “calm, not panic”, underlining that: “It’s no need to change our lifestyle, to take supermarkets by storm or alert our relatives living abroad,” he said.


5-6 million masks, 25 tons of disinfectants to be brought in Romania next week

The National Company “Unifarm”, one of the main pharmaceutical supplies distributors in Romania, announced today that 5-6 millions protective masks and 25 tons of four types of disinfectants will be imported in Romania next week.

We’ll make the payment in the upcoming days and the products will be delivered at the end of next week,” said Adrian Ionel, Unifarm manager, adding that other materials will be brought as well, such as protective gloves, suits and intubators. The contracts for all these products mount to EUR 15 million.


More about the rules to be followed on the coronavirus topic is available here.

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