Iohannis: The Romanian universities ready to receive over 10,000 students from Ukraine

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said on the occasion of the inauguration of the construction site of the Francophonie House on Wednesday at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest that the Romanian academic environment is ready to receive over 10,000 students from Ukraine.

Education as a whole makes an important contribution to the national refugee hosting effort, and academia is poised to receive more than 10,000 students from Ukraine. I am convinced that Ukrainian students will quickly integrate into the Romanian academic communities. They will thus have the opportunity to continue and complete their university training in order to benefit their people. I am confident that our universities will prove that nothing is stronger than the force of solidarity and that nothing can overcome the will of the peoples to be free and prosperous,”, Iohannis stated.

The Romanian head of state also pointed out that the Francophonie House is proof that the values ​​of the Francophonie are not only “a precious legacy” for Romanians, but also a resource that stimulates new energies.

The building you are erecting on this very spot is a proof that the values ​​of Francophonie are not only a precious heritage for us, the Romania, but also a resource that stimulates new and new energies. Harnessing the potential of the younger generation, valuing diversity, freedom and democracy, all these are the platform on which our projects and commitments for the future are based. More than 4,000 students from countries that are part of the International Organization of La Francophonie study on the campus of the Bucharest Polytechnic. It is the best proof that the Francophonie of the Future is directly linked to the education of young people, which facilitates the meeting of different identities and which generates solidarity for common projects. For almost three decades, Romania and the French-speaking university movement in our country have been concretely proving their commitment to the values ​​of peace, peaceful dialogue between cultures and respect for fundamental human rights,” said President Iohannis.

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