Ion Iliescu, Petre Roman, Virgil Magureanu and Miron Cozma sent to court in miners’ riot file

27 years after the miners’ riot in the summer of 1990, the prosecutors of the Military Prosecutor’s Office have decided to send the file to court.

Thus, the file was sent to the High Court for Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) on Tuesday, TV news broadcasters report.

In this case, among others, are included former President Ion Iliescu and former Prime Minister Petre Roman.

This file also includes as defenders the former miners’ leader Miron Cozma, the former Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) director Virgil Magureanu, Gelu Voican Voiculescu – then deputy prime minister, and Adrian Sarbu – then head of the cabinet and councillor of the Romanian prime minister.

We remind that miners’ riot file during June 13-15, 1990 was closed and opened several times, and Romania was sentenced by ECHR.

On March 9, 2015, the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office upon the ICCJ to reopen prosecution in the miners’ riot file.

The file has 500 volumes and the indictment includes 2,200 pages.

Former president Ion Iliescu and former Prime Minister Petre Roman were heard in the 1990 miners’ riot file last month, with prosecutors informing them that the investigation has been extended after the number of the victims had increased. Both Iliescu and Roman are charged with crimes against humanity for violently repressing the protests in Universitate Square in Bucharest in 1990.

They were indicted in December 2016.

The military prosecutors from the prosecutor of the Supreme Court have indicted in December 2016, in the miners’ riot file, former President Ion Iliescu, former Prime Minister Petre Roman, former director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Virgil Magureanu and former Deputy Prime Minister Gelu Voican Voiculescu, for crimes against humanity, and for the violent repression a rally in University Square, during June 13-15, 1990, resulted in the death of four people, three other gunshot injuries and for injuring and placing in confinement of about 1,269 people.

Also indicted were: Nicolae Dumitru – former Vice-PM of the National Salvation Front (FSN), reserve General Mugurel Cristian Florescu – former deputy of Romania’s Prosecutor General and head of the Military Persecutors Directorate.

Military prosecutor Marian Lazar said in December 2016 that during June 11-15, 1990, the defendants decided, organized and coordinated “a generalized and systematic attack” launched against civilian population, against the protesters rallying in the University Square in Bucharest and against the population of Bucharest, attack involving the participation of the armed forces of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of National Defence, Romanian Intelligence Service and a number of over 10,000 miners and other workers from many parts of the country.

June 13, 1990 is one of the most violent and mysterious days in Romania’s recent history. It was the last day of the marathon rally in University Square and at the same time, the day of huge diversions. The result: dead and wounded, the destruction of the buildings of the Interior Ministry and SRI, the discontinuation of the Public Television broadcasting, the only TV station at that time. June 13 was the signal for the coming to Bucharest of about 20,000 people from the Jiu Valley, Comăneşti, Brasov and Calarasi, people incited to violence against the political and civic opposition.

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