Iraqi man declared undesirable 10 years in Romania for propaganda in favour of the Islamic State

An Iraqi citizen was declared undesirable in Romania for a period of 10 years after being accused of ‘propaganda meant to attract co-religionists in our country to the jihadist ideology/ Daesh ideology’, a press release from the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

The decision was taken on Thursday by the Bucharest Court of Appeal.

Iraqi citizen Salih Hamad Hamad Raad came to the SRI attention in 2013, shortly after he arrived in Romania with a student visa.

“As a result of operative measures undertaken by SRI, it was determined that the suspect carried out activities which, according to the legal framework in the field of counterterrorism, posed security risks and threats to the national security,” the SRI release reads.

Specifically, he had a radical religious profile, repeatedly manifesting intolerance towards Westerners and Shiite Moslems, by conducting propaganda designed to attract co-religionists in Romania to the jihadist ideology/ Daesh ideology.

Upon the SRI proposal, the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Bucharest Court of Appeal has notified the Bucharest Court of Appeal which decided to declare the Iraqi man undesirable for involvement in acts which constitute threats to national security.

On Tuesday the Bucharest Court of Appeal ruled to declare Pakistani citizen Shahzad Ahmed undesirable in Romania for 10 years, as the Romanian Intelligence Service found out that he has conducted propaganda in the virtual environment in favour of several terrorist entities.

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