IRSOP poll: Most Romanians Condemn Hamas Attack, Yet Some Hesitate on Hosting Israeli Jews

Almost 80% do not trust the Romanian Gov't's ability to protect the population in case of war.

The majority of Romanians condemn the Hamas attack, with 86% of those surveyed by the public opinion polling institute IRSOP expressing their condemnation. However, around one-third of Romanians would not agree to welcome Jews from Israel who wish to escape the war.

86% of respondents condemned the Hamas attack on October 7.
66% believe that Israel has the right to attack Hamas militants in Gaza, while 20% disagree.
78% of the population supports providing immediate humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza.
56% of Romanians think that the conflict in the Middle East could lead to terrorist actions that endanger Romania’s security.
Regarding accepting Jewish refugees from Israel, 29% are totally in agreement, 38% are partially in agreement, and 31% do not agree.
56% of respondents support the idea of a Palestinian state alongside Israel in the Middle East.
49% believe that the United States is powerful enough to stabilize the world, while 43% disagree.
When asked which conflict concerns them more, 36% chose Ukraine, 17% chose the Middle East, 35% said both equally, and 11% selected neither.
In terms of Romania’s assistance to Ukraine, 46% believe it is too much, 8% think it’s too little, and 40% believe it’s just right.
Concerning military risks for Romania due to the war in Ukraine, 42% think the risks are higher than at the beginning of the conflict, 5% believe they are lower, and 47% say they are the same.
In terms of trust in the Romanian government’s ability to protect the population in case of an armed threat, 2% have very high confidence, 17% have high confidence, 35% have low confidence, 44% have very low confidence, and 2% don’t know.

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