Is beer cheap in Bucharest? Survey reveals the statistics in Europe

Budapest and Bucharest are the capital cities with the cheapest beer in Europe, according to the rankings set by a British magazine. At the opposite end are the capitals of Iceland and Norway – well, countries where beer is not known as great attraction.

Bucharest is attractive for foreign tourists, not only for the low prices in terms of accommodation and services, but also due to cheap beer, reports.

“It’s cheap, it’s a good price as compared to Dubai. In fact, the prices are beyond compare,” one tourist is quoted as saying.

Another tourist says: “When I am here, I drink Romanian beer. In the tourist area (of Bucharest – our note) the prices are comparable to the ones in my country.”

A survey conducted by a British magazine reads that Romania’s capital is second in the top of European cities with the cheapest beer. In Budapest a beer costs, on average, GBP 1.4, in Bucharest is GBP 1.5 and in Prague is GBP 1.55.


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