Italian couple who wanted to reach Krakow ended up in Craiova

An Italian couple who wanted to go to Krakow, Poland on Saturday found they had arrived in Craiova, Romania. The fault was the operator from the travel agency where the couple bought the plane tickets, who confused the names of the two cities, Gazzettino del Chianti reports.

Paola și Massimo got on the plane  thinking they heading to their desired destination, Krakow, Poland, where their friends were expecting them. Only when they landed, they were in shock to find out they had arrived in Craiova, Romania.
My partner went to a travel agency in Florence to buy two plane tickets to Krakow, Poland, where our friends were expecting us. In exchange, we left the Bologna airport and reached Craiova, Romania. At first we amused ourselves of what had happened to us, then we felt bothered,” Paola recounted.
The Italians said they had noticed the name of the destination on the tickets, but thought that Krakow is written Craiova in Polish.
“We were naive, thinking Craiova is the name of Krakow in Polish. When we got off the plane and realised we were in Romania we had a shock”, they said.
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