Italian prison guard makes controversial statements on Romanian inmate who committed suicide

An Italian prison guard posted some controversial comments on a social media network about a Romanian inmate who killed himself recently. He wrote “a Romanian less”, also expressing hope “others will follow his example”. La Reppublica daily reported the case stirred fierce debates in Italy.

The Romanian Ioan Gabriel B. hang himself to death at the end of last week in a penitentiary located at Milan’s outskirts, after receiving a life sentence.

Previously, the Italian Police Trade Union had expressed its deepest regret for the Romanian’s death. “We are paying a special attention to the difficulties encountered by all inmates, regardless of their social situation or the gravity of their crimes,” reads the Union’s press release.

Yet, contrary to the official statement of the Italian Police Trade Union, one of the Italian prison guards posted some harsh comments to the press release. “A Romanian less. I feel sorry for the inmates who kill themselves due to these reasons. But I won’t for this one; I wonder what others are waiting for to follow his example (…) Who is going to steal from us anymore? One inmate less who receives food from the state,” reads the guard’s post. When another speaker warned him that his remarks were improper, the angry prison guard went on “I am working in a penitentiary. There are only extra-community inmates out there. To practice the guard profession, you must have a black heart.”

The Penitentiaries Administration in Italy is to conduct an internal inquiry into these Facebook comments, all the more so as they were posted on a public institution page.

The Romanian had been convicted to life prison in 2013 for killing his neighbor in Padova region in 2007.

One self-murder, four self-murder attempts, 35 cases of self-mutilation and 24 quarrels among inmates have been registered at Opera Penitentiary in Milan last year.


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