Jail sentence with suspension and EUR 2.4 M compensations in the case of the boy killed by stray dogs in 2013

District 2 Court on Friday gave a sentence in the case of the four-year-old boy killed by stray dogs in 2013. Thus, the judges sentenced Constantin Ciorascu to three years in prison with suspension. He is the owner of the company that managed the greenfield where the incident occurred. At the same time, the court ruled Ionut Anghel’s family to get EUR 2.4 million compensations.

The magistrates have kept the distraint on the Tei Rezidential company’s assets up to EUR 1.7 million.

The ruling is not final and can be challenged.

The tragic incident of September 2013 terrified the Romanian public opinion and prompted huge protests against the city hall to settle the matter of stray dogs.

O woman called 112 on September 2 two years ago, saying she lost one of the two grandchildren, Ionut, aged 4. Soon after that, Ionut six-year-old brother came to his grandmother telling her that Ionut was baiting by dogs. When the women got the place, the boy was already dead.

Prosecutors charged District 2 Public Domain Agency of not taking proper measures to confine the greenfield area in Tei Park where the children got and got surrounded by the stray dogs. They actually got to a private unconfined ground guarded by seven dogs which attacked the boy and tore him to death.

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