Judge Camelia Bogdan, excluded from magistracy by CSM decision

Judge Camelia Bogdan, known for having sentenced businessman Dan Voiculescu to 10 years in prison in the ICA file, was excluded from the magistracy by a decision of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM). The decision of the judges’ section is not final.

The CSM release reads that “On February 8, 2017 the Section for judges of the Superior Council of Magistracy upheld the disciplinary action brought against Mrs. Camelia Bogdan, Bucharest Court of Appeal judge, by the Judicial Inspection. Pursuant to article 100 letter e) of Law no. 303/2004 on the statute of judges and prosecutors, the Section for judges has set the disciplinary sanction of ‘exclusion from magistracy’ for committing the disciplinary offense provided by article 99 letter b) of the same law – ‘violation of legal provisions on incompatibilities and interdictions regarding judges and prosecutors.’ The decision can be appealed within 15 days from notification to the panel of five judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court).”

The Judicial Inspection was notified ex officio, in early February 2016, on the Bucharest Court of Appeal judge Camelia Bogdan, following information released by the media. The press informed that Judge Camelia Bogdan, one of the two judges who sentenced businessman Dan Voiculescu to 10 years in prison,would have taken part in a seminar organized by the Agriculture Ministry damaged party in the ICA file and that she allegedly went on holiday with money paid by the Ministry of Agriculture.

In retort, Camelia Bogdan says the CSM decision to expel her from magistracy is “an abuse”.

“It’s an obvious illegal decision, that I will challenge at the High Court of Cassation and Justice. My incompatibility has always been out of question. It has been checked before and after the seminars. There was a final evaluation report by the National Agency of Integrity, the only institution having the duties to identify the magistrates’ incompatibilities. I will fight for justice till the end. It’s a great injustice against me. I have all levers in the country and abroad to remove the effects of this injustice,” Camelia Bogdan told Digi24.

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