Judges motivate the high compensations in the case of the 4yo boy killed by stray dogs

Judges motivated their verdict in the case of Ionut Anghel, the 4-year-old boy killed by stray dogs in a Bucharest park in 2013. According to the final ruling pronounced in May last year, the boy’s family was entitled to receive EUR 2.5 M compensations.

The owner of the land where the tragedy occurred was sentenced to three years in prison for he hasn’t assummed responsibility at all in this case and showed no sign of compassion.

Constantin Ciorăscu, charged with manslaughter, is the owner and shareholder of SC Tei Rezidential Ltd that owns the greenfield where several stray dogs attacked 4yo Ionut Anghel and bit him to death. Initially, the owner had been sentenced to three years on probation by the District 2 Court but the boy’s family challenged the ruling.

Judges ruled that he is guilty of manslaughter for he has not chased the stray dogs away from his land and he hasn’t fenced in the space to restrict the stray dogs’ access.

The defendant hasn’t really assumed the crime’s responsibility not for a single moment and he was not aware of the negative consequences of this case. He accused the dead child’ s family in the first place (…) he hasn’t offered any kinf of support to the aggrieved family, the more so as he is a father as well,” the court says.

The magistrates explained why they decided to maintain the compensations to the boy’s parents and brother- around EUR 2.5 M overall. The court dismissed the the arguments of the defendant’s lawyer, who claimed the sum is much higher than the one granted in the case of the babies who died in the fire at Giulesti Maternity Hospital.

Without minimizing the tragedy of the new-born deaths in the Giulesti maternity fire, the Court cannot avoid noticing that the babies weren’t aware of what was happening to them, due to the infancy, while the family’s grief, which is of course indisputable, is yet less intense when the child who dies has spent several years in the family, made his own identity and established solid family ties,” the judges also argued.

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