Kamikaze drone fell in a Bulgarian town almost 35 km from the border with Romania

A kamikaze drone fell last night in Bulgaria, on the outskirts of a town in the north-east of the country, approximately 35 kilometers from the border with Romania.

Authorities in Sofia do not know whether the plane belongs to Ukraine or Russia, but say the explosive charge did not detonate because the landing was fairly smooth.

Bulgarian journalists reported that the drone is three meters long, and the bomb – about 50 centimeters. The area was cordoned off while engineers were sent to the scene to defuse the explosive charge.



The residents of Tulcea warned by Ro-Alert that “objects will fall from the airspace”

On the other hand, residents of Tulcea received, on Sunday evening, an alert through the RO-Alert system warning them of the “possibility of objects falling from the airspace”. Authorities urged people to take shelter “in cellars or civil protection shelters” and to stay away from windows and exterior walls.

The Ro-Alert message was sent for the northern area of ​​Tulcea county and the border area in the municipality of Galați, respectively the Cotul Pisicii beach to the Giurgiulești Customs”, says a message from the authorities.

Extreme alert. There is a possibility of objects falling from the air space. Keep calm. Take shelter in cellars or civil protection shelters. If you don’t have shelter, stay indoors, away from windows and exterior walls. Estimated duration: 90 min”, reads the message.

If until the middle of last week only the population of eight Tulcena localities received Ro-Alert messages (Isaccea and the municipalities of Luncaviţa, Grindu, Ceatalchioi, Chilia, Somova, Pardina and Văcăreni), on the night of Sunday to Monday these messages were also sent to the population of Tulcea and Mineri, announces the Delta Emergency Situations Inspectorate.

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