Landslide on Bucharest’s main boulevard due to subway extension works. Two buildings in the area in danger, 14 lodgers evacuated

The traffic on Eroilor and Eroilor Sanitari boulevards in Bucharest has been closed down on Saturday after a large landslide caused by the subway extension works.

The traffic restrictions will be maintained fro at least 30 days, Bucharest City Hall’s spokesperson, Alexandru Ichim informed. The traffic restrictions will affect particularly the citizens living in Drumul Taberei and Militari districts.

Bucharest City Hall on Sunday hosted a meeting attended by representatives of Metrorex, Traffic Police, the Inspectorate of the Emergency Situations, the State Inspectorate for Constructions and by the Bucharest prefect.

The Transport Ministry confirmed the distortions in the road were due to the subway extension works on Friday. “The constructor filled the gaps in the road with about 70 cubic meters of concrete,” the ministry informed.

In Eroilor area where the landslide occurred there are two blocks of flats; two emergency teams were sent on the scene to intervene if the need arises.

According to the City Hall’s spokesperson, 14 lodgers in one of the building whose structure would have been affected by the landslide, have been evacuated. Four of them were offered accommodation in a hotel provided by the constructor, while the other ten found shelter at their relatives’ places. Alexandru Ichim said the the constructor assured there is “no danger of collapse” and the area is closely monitored.

The Raul Doamnei – Eroilor subway section is financed by the Transport Operational Sectorial Transport 2007-2013 and is performed by the joint venture Astaldi from Italy, FCC Construcction from Spain, Delta ACM and AB Construct from Romania.

The no.5 subway line will be carried out in two stages: first the Drumul Taberei-Universitate section and later on the Universitate-Pantelimon section.

The first line is 6.8-km long and will have a depot and ten tube stations: Râul Doamnei, Valea Argeşului, Valea Ialomiţei, Romancierilor, Parc Drumul Taberei, Tudor Vladimirescu, Favorit, Orizont, Academia Militară, Eroilor.

So far, the total value of the contracts assigned for the No.5 subway line mounts to RON 2.6 billion, VAT included (about EUR 585 million).

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