A man from Chiajna has been holding his 5-year-old girl hostage since Thursday afternoon

A man has been holding his 5-year-old daughter hostage since Thursday afternoon (for 18 hours now), in a house in Chiajna (Ilfov), after arguing with his wife, beating her and kicking her out of the house. A negotiation team of the Romanian Police is on the scene and is trying to convince the man to release his child, being the longest negotiation in the history of the Romanian Police.

Dozens of policemen and negotiators were mobilized at the house in Chiajna, but the policemen from the special forces left at the request of the man, who allegedly had several gas bottles in the house.

The girl is in good condition, the man was not aggressive with her, said the spokesperson of the Romanian Police, Georgian Drăgan, on Friday morning. So far, the man’s only request has been that the Police move away from the house, otherwise he will kill the girl and kill himself afterwards.

The man took care of the minor, he was not aggressive with her, so she did not suffer any bodily injuries. The negotiators of the Romanian Police opened a communication channel with the man since Thursday evening and constantly communicated directly with him. The man takes care of the minor, who is out of any danger. He has no claim, but he asked for food for it, and it was brought to him by the negotiators. The police, through the structures present on the spot, want an amicable solution to this event and carry out all the activities within their competence”, said the representative of the Romanian Police.

The 52-year-old man has a criminal record for drunk driving. In fact, he would have been drunk at the time he kicked his wife out of the house, after beating her. The woman voiced intention to leave him.

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