Adrian Nastase sues President Iohannis, PM Orban for stripping him of the Romanian state’s highest distinction

Former PM Adrian Nastase, sentenced twice for corruption in the Zambaccian and The Quality Trophy files, has sued President Klaus Iohannis and PM Ludovic Orban for stripping him of the “Star of Romania” National Order.

The lawsuit has been opened at Bucharest Court of Appeal in March this year, but it has received no trial date yet.

In December last year, during the Reception held on the occasion of Romania’s National Day, President Klaus Iohannis announced he will strip former PM Adrian Nastase and all convicted criminals of the state medals previously granted by his predecessors.

His move came after the former PSD PM Adrian Nastase, who served prison time in a corruption file, had been seen attending the reception held at Cotroceni Palace on Romania’s National Day, which stirred a lot of criticism by the public opinion.

Following criticism, the Presidential Administration explained that Nastase had been invited based on the fact he had been awarded the Star of Romania, Grand Cross rank by the President back then, Ion Iliescu, in 2002 and the law says that all those who have such a distinction are invited at the receptions on December 1.

On the other hand, the law also allows that a decoration could be cancelled, withdrawn if the beneficiary has been sentenced to prison.

Asked if he is considering to strip Adrian Nastase of his medal, President Klaus Iohannis said back then: “Yes. I decided to withdraw all decorations from all those who have been criminally convicted. I have just kicked off this procedure and it will be concluded soon, you’ll get the list of thee decrees on the withdrawals.”

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