Afghan citizen, declared undesirable 10 years in Romania for threats to national security

Afghan citizen Noor Rahman Niazi is declared undesirable in Romania for a period of 10 years, the Bucharest Court of Appeal ruled on Tuesday.

“On 13/06/2016, following a proposal from SRI (the Romanian Intelligence Service – our note) – the Romanian authority competent for national security, the prosecutor’s office upon the Bucharest Court of Appeal has notified the Court of Appeal, according to the legal provisions regarding foreigners in Romania, to decide on the measure to declare an Afghan citizen as undesirable for a period of 10 years, for reasons of national security,” a press release of the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Bucharest Court of Appeal reads.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, there are clues that Noor Rahman Niazi conducted activities that constitute threats to the national security.

The decision is not final and can be appealed within 10 days of notification.

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