Another suspect arrested in Caracal case, accomplice of Gheorghe Dinca in raping Luiza Melencu

The Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) has announced on Wednesday that it had detained an accomplice of the alleged Caracal murderer Gheorghe Dincă.

A 46-year-old man is charged that, together with Dinca, had raped Luiza Melencu, one of Dinca’s alleged victim who has been reported missing since April.

The DIICOT deputy Head, Georgiana Hosu, has stated that there are enough evidence, scientific and testimonies, to officially charge this man.

Investigators said that on April 14, around 12:00hrs, after kidnapping Luiza Melencu while she was hitchhiking in Caracal, Gheorghe Dinca took the victim at his place to rape her, and he was caught in the act by the man arrested today.

The defendant was part of Dinca’s entourage, being used for various activities commissioned by Dinca.

Prosecutors say the man asked Dinca to allow him to also have sexual intercourse with Luiza Melencu and Dinca agreed, to hide his own deeds.

The man charged with rape is unemployed, having no training, income or permanent address. He is not married and he is known as a heavy drinker.

Gheorghe Dinca has been arrested and imprisoned since July in the case that shocked Romania and the international community. He is charged with raping and murdering two teen girls, Luiza Melencu and Alexandra Macesanu.

On the other hand, Melencu family’s lawyer, Tonel Pop, voiced his discontent that DIICOT had not informed them about this new lead and suspect. The lawyer argued that had they known about that, they might have used the procedural right to ask questions to the suspect.

“We haven’t been informed. We went to study the file yesterday and there is no such thing in the file (…) I don’t know if he abused her, it was a version. If we had known about this new lead, we might have asked some questions”, the lawyer stated, adding the way DIICOT acted is normal, the more that Gheorghe Dincă had already changed all his statements.
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