Bica, Cocos placed under house arrest. Ex-president defends former DIICOT chief

Former organized crime chief Alina Bica and businessman Dorin Cocos, former husband of Elena Udrea were placed under house arrest as of Tuesday, after the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) replaced the preventive arrest decision for them. The ruling is final.

Alina Bica has served a pre trial detention since November 22, while Dorin Cocos since October 29.

A week ago, the judges of the Supreme Court decided to replace detention with house arrest for 30 days in their cases, but the anti-corruption prosecutors appealed the court’s decision. Now, ICCJ rejected the appeal, thus giving green light to Bica’s and Cocos’ releasing.

Dorin Cocos has another house arrest decision in the Microsoft file, while Alina Bica has a house arrest verdict in Bica 1 case.

While leaving women penitentiary in Targsor, Alina Bica said he trusted judiciary and that she still consideres herself “a successful woman.”

“I would like to thank those few people who had the inward noblesse and necessary professionalism to give me the benefit of the doubt and to not tell all kinf of unknown and untrue things on TV (…) Further on, we see you in court and maybe somebody will hear me, too,” Bica told the journalists who were expecting her at the prison’s exit.

Former president Basescu came in the limelight again, telling B1 TV on Tuesday night that he cannot believe even now that the persons he backed and trusted could be part of those crimes. Basescu stated that he has a huge desire to visit Alina Bica at home, with her husband’s permission and if she she has no restrictions and to talk to her and understand how come three of the persons who were part of his team (editor note: Elena Udrea, Alina Bica and Horia Georgescu, former head of National Integrity Agency) are arrested precisely by the other three persons of his team with whom he modernized the state (editor note: DNA chief Codruta Kovesi, President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, Livia Stanciu and deputy chief of the Romanian Intelligence Service, Florian Coldea).

“I shall bow to any judge who says they are guilty, but for now nobody found them guilty,” the former Romanian head of state added.

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