Brasov triple murder: Relatives of the murdered woman ask for EUR 1.5 M compensations

The case of the horrible triple crime occurred in Brasov in March, when a businessman, killed his wife and his two teen children while they were asleep, is coming into the limelight again. The parents of the murdered woman are now asking for compensations worth EUR 1.5 million to their son-in-law. They also asked the case prosecutor to not allow the sale of the assets owned by businessman Florin Buliga.

The 43yo man has killed his wife, aged 42,  and the two teen children, an 18-year-old girl and a 13 year-old boy, then he turned himself in to the Police. Buliga  waited for his wife and children to go to bed and after that he stabbed them to death. He turned himself in to the police, telling policeman he had sent his family ”to a better world”.

Daniel Danca, spokesperson of the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Tribunal for Minors and Family in Brasov announced on Monday that each member of the woman’s family is asking compensations worth EUR 500,000, namely the woman’s parents and sister.

Investigators want to find out now if the man was aware or not when the committed the crime.

He is currently under preventive arrest, with judicial sources saying that Buliga has recently told hearings he had tried to kill himself in prison.

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