Bucharest Prefect says she gave the intervention order during the Diaspora rally after midnight

Bucharest Prefect Speranta Cliseru has come to the Senate on Monday to be heard by the Defense committee on the gendarmes intervention in force during the Diaspora rally on August 10, but the meeting has been counted out over lack of quorum. The prefect, as well as the coordinator of the gendarmes during the protest in  Victoriei Square , Laurentiu Cazan, will be summoned for the hearings next Tuesday.

However, Bucharest Prefect Speranta Cliseru told journalists that she had signed the intervention order after midnight, while the gendarmes representatives had said that the order had been signed at 23:00hr.

The Gendarmerie did what it had to do. There was no special endowment, I only saw what you saw on TV, the same images. I was not at the command center. There were not two centers. As deputy mayor told you, we were not at the center,” Cliseru stated.

Asked about the information based on which the decision of the violent repression has been taken, the prefect said that she had counted on the good faith of the information coming from the Gendarmerie and on its professionalism.

Cliseru also said she had not talked to Interior Minister Carmen Dan on August 10, but she had consulted with her after that.

Moreover, the prefect said she had signed the evacuation order after midnight. „I think it was after midnight. The square had already been evacuated,” Cliseru explained.

Questioned about major Laurentiu Cazan’s statement that her order came around 23:00hr, the prefect replied she doesn’t know what he said: „I know what I say”.

Also asked by a reporter that it is OK that the intervention should take place before the order, Cliseru said: „I don’t have regrets, that order was in compliance with the laws. Gendarmes can defend themselves without any order from the prefect. The hour is not relevant.

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