Cătălin Cherecheș Extradited from Germany, Sues Romania at ECHR

The former mayor of Baia Mare Cătălin Cherecheş, who a week ago was extradited from Germany to serve in Romania a five-year prison sentence for taking bribes, sued the state at the ECHR.

The announcement was made on Tuesday by Răzvan Doseanu, the lawyer of Cătălin Cherecheș.
According to the lawyer, Cherecheș sued Romania at the ECHR because his right to a fair trial would have been violated.
“The request is registered at the ECHR, it is information for the first time, there is already a registered case Cherecheș against Romania at the Court of Human Rights. It will be presented publicly soon, it’s only a matter of a few days“, declared the lawyer of the former mayor of Baia Mare.

Tuesday morning, Cătălin Cherecheș, incarcerated at the Rahova Penitentiary, gave a statement via video conference before the magistrates of the supreme court.

Madam President, I am definitely convicted and there is no rush to resolve the case, and I ask you with all due respect to benefit from a trial in another court that is compatible. I have every confidence that you will give me the chance, said Cherecheș.

It is the first time he speaks before Romanian judges after being extradited from Germany.

On March 13, the General Prosecutor’s Office in Munich decided to extradite Cătălin Cherecheș, at the request of the Romanian authorities. Cătălin Cherecheș was brought to Romania on March 19, and since March 20 he is being held at the Rahova Penitentiary, where he is in quarantine for 21 days.
Last November, the former mayor of Baia Mare Cătălin Cherecheș managed to flee the country, through Vama Petea, a few hours before he was definitively sentenced to five years in prison, using the identity card of a cousin.
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