CSM: Intelligence general’s statements did not affect judiciary’s independence

Intelligence general Dumitru Dumbrava’s statements saying that courts became “a tactical field” for the Romanian Intelligence Service did not affect the judiciary’s and magistrates’ independence, the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) ruled on Monday.

The notification was made by the National Union of Judges in Romania, the Magistrates Association in Romania and the Prosecutors Association in Romania.

SRI general Dumitru Dumbrava told an interview this spring that at present the Romanian Intelligence Service “is keeping its attention until the final ruling” in the corruption files.

According to the Romanian judges, general Dumbrava also mentioned that SRI is gathering information about all judges, even about those who are not suspected of any corruption charge and is applying this information to complex analytical schemes used to identify the terrorism suspects, in the view of “criminal patterns” among judges.

As of right, CSM “has the right and obligation of be notified ex officio to defend the judges and the prosecutors against any action that might affect their independence and objectivity or that might prompt suspicions”.


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