Cybercrime victims in Romania lose USD145m each year, study finds

A new study published today by Comparitech estimates that victims worldwide lose USD 318bn each year to cybercrime.

It is estimated that victims in Romania lose USD 145m annually. In Romania 4,874 cybercrimes are registered in 2020, which is a 5 percent increase on 2019’s figures (4,645), according to the Romanian Government, which was the reporting entity.

The report says that 71.1 million fall victim to cybercrimes globally each year (this equates to nearly 900 victims per 100,000 people), while the average victim loss is USD 4,476 per crime.

The countries with the biggest losses are:

  • United States: 5.28 million victims losing $28 billion
  • Brazil: 5.8 million victims losing over $26 billion
  • United Kingdom: 4.88 million victims losing $17.4 billion
  • Russia: 3.4 million losing over $15.2 billion.
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