Dan Șova, remanded in custody after the Senate stripped him of political immunity

The main charge: EUR 100,000 bribe.

Social Democrat senator Dan Șova was taken into custody for 24 hours by anti-corruption prosecutors on Thursday in the second file where he faces new corruption charges: he has allegedly taken bribe of EUR 100,000 to ensure a contract between CET Govora and a law firm.

After the Senate has lifted his parliamentary immunity previously in the day so that he could be placed on remand, Șova went to the National Anti-corruption Directorate HQs. He made no statements.

The Social Democrat Party senator has been heard for several hours and eventually left the DNA’s office handcuffed around 16:20. He is to be taken to the High Court of Cassation and Justice with the proposal to be placed on pre-trial detention.

More details on the immunity-lifting vote here: http://www.romaniajournal.ro/social-democrat-senator-dan-sova-loses-parliamentary-immunity-can-be-detained/

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