Diana Șoșoacă, investigated by DIICOT for blocking vaccination in a center in Iași

Senator Diana Șoșoacă is under criminal investigation by the organized crime prosecutors (DIICOT) for foiling disease prevention after she had blocked the activity of a vaccination center, according to G4Media.ro.

The case was declined by the prosecutors of the General Prosecutor’s Office to the prosecutor’s office for the fight against organized crime.

The General Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal case after senator Diana Șoșoacă (former member of AUR) blocked, in September, the access to a vaccination center in Iași County.

Take off your mask! Down with the mask! Down with the masquerade! In prison! The mayor in prison! No vaccination! ”, the senator chanted.

She broadcast live on Facebook the protest from the commune that she said was her constituency. On the day that Diana Șoșoacă and some anti-vaccine protesters protested, no one was vaccinated at the respective center.

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