DIICOT, Police announce the largest hashish and Captagon bust in Romania, worth EUR 60 M

DIICOT prosecutors and organized crime policemen have done the largest bust of hashish and Captagon pills in Romania. The drugs, worth EUR 60 million, originated from Syria and were hidden among boxes of organic soap.

The investigators have tracked down the drugs in two containers coming from Syria, which landed in Constanta Port.

Policemen have conducted searches in Constanta Port on Sunday, August 30 and discovered 1,480 kilos hashish and over 4 million pills of Captagon hidden in two containers. The drugs totaled 751 kilograms, with an estimated value of EUR 60 million.

The Captagon pills have a high content of amphetamine, and the substance is also known as the “Jihad drug”.

“It is the largest bust of hashish and Captagon pills conducted by DIICOT in Romania,” says a press release, adding that the operation has been carried out in cooperation with the Anti-drug Administration from the U.S.

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