DNA chief: Investigations have produced panic amid the political class. I do not think there are undercover officers in DNA

The chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) Laura Codru?a Kovesi said that investigations lately have produced some panic amid the political class, which is why it is trying to limit the powers of prosecutors. Kovesi said she has never discussed with the former head of state, nor with the current president or the prime minister about files under investigation at the institution she leads.

“I think it is an attempt to limit the powers of prosecutors. I do not believe the preventive arrest Romania was invented in 2015, nor were the handcuffs invented now. I think the latest investigations have produced some panic among the political class and I think that is why they try to limit the prosecutors’ powers,” said Kovesi during the show ‘After 20 years’ hosted by ProTV. She said that it is difficult to say whether or not the current political class supports the fight against corruption.

“The number of files DNA has to cope with is very high. Last year we solved a record number of files, the highest since DNA was set up. However, at the end of the year a stock of nearly 3,000 files were unsolved. Imagine a DNA prosecutor working at the same time on some 110-120 files.”

Kovesi has also talked about undercover officers. “I do not think there are undercover officers in the DNA, I rely on professional quality of my colleagues. I know my colleagues well, I do not think SRI needs undercover officers in DNA. I don’t have a problem for a check to be carried out,” Kovesi said.

About the way DNA is regarded, she said: “I can only tell you that we receive many emails from people who congratulate us for what we do. Instead of complaints we get congratulations for what we do. I met with businessmen, ambassadors, people leading institutions and colleagues, they tell me that the citizens are encouraged by what the DNA is doing.”

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  • Ben Jager

    Laura Koveci don’t speak about Trias Politica and that’s the basis of every democratic constitutional state.