DNA investigates the shooting permit in the case of killing bear Arthur

Romanian anti-corruption prosecutors have opened an investigation for abuse of office regarding the release of all documents necessary for the derogation procedure for certain wild animal species, in the case of killing bear Arthur on March 13, in a natural protected are in Covasna county, by Austrian prince  Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein.

The file was opened in rem, meaning for deeds and not against certain people.

This stage is not about filing charges against a certain person, but it only means opening a criminal procedural framework when the first evidence can be collected to establish if the deed is falling under criminal law“, reads a press release by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), HotNews.ro reports.

Prosecutors from Covasna are also probing into this case under the charges of poaching and illegal firearm and hunting in other condition than those of derogation, considering that the species of brown bear is strictly protected and hunting is allowed only based on the derogation issued by the relevant authorities.

On the other hand, Environment minister Tanczos Barna said on Tuesday that he had had no information regarding bear Arthur, as there is no report related to this specimen at the institutions subordinated to the ministry.

Tanczos Barna voiced his skepticism that Arthur was the biggest bear in Romania “Arthur had 593 points, as far as I know the bear killed by a car in Sovata had 620 points. I am sure there are even bigger bears in Romania”, the minister said.

The minister also mentioned that the DNA samples have been collected from the shot bear, and the ministry asked the NGOs that are monitoring the area for any further evidence in order to identify the bear.

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