Dutch allegedly bribed Romanian Health Ministry’s white collars  

A Dutch citizen was prosecuted in Romania for allegedly bribing Health Ministry’s employees with money and trips so that his company should be favored in some auctions held by the Romanian Health Ministry to render contracts over a WB and EIB co-financed project. Dutch citizen Dick Van Halewijn, representative of Dutchmed BV Company, is charged with continued bribery, abuse complicity and setting up an organized criminal group.

According to anti-corruption prosecutors, Van Halewijn set up a system in perfect tune during 2008-2011 to get support from several Health Ministry’s white collars within the public procurement department so that his company, Dutchmed BV should gain a privileged position on the Romanian medical devices market. More precisely, the National Anti-corruption Direction (DNA) argues that Van Halewijn asked a go-between to identify the decision-making employees with the Health Ministry and ultimately to offer them money and other valuable assets so that they should favor his company at the auctions within APLII Health System Reform Program, co-financed by World Bank and the European Investments Bank. Prosecutors say the Dutch company owner would have given thousands of euros to several Ministry’s employees, as well as some luxury trips to Amsterdam and Italy for them and their families. Van Halewijn would have also paid EUR 6,000 to a doctor so that the latter should use Dutchmed equipment in the clinic he was working for.





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