Ex-Health minister Sorina Pintea to be tried under judicial control in her corruption file

Former Health minister Sorina Pintea will be eventually under judicial control, after Bucharest Court of Appeal had admitted the anti-corruption prosecutors’ appeal against the judicial control on Friday. Pintea is charged with bribe taking.

The former SocDem minister hasn’t attended the court hearing, as she invoked she would jeopardize her health if infected with the novel coronavirus.

On May 11, Bucharest Tribunal cancelled the judicial control against former Health Minister Sorina Pintea in the case of bribe taking.

Sorina Pintea was sent to court for bribe taking on April 30, when she was still manager of the County Hospital in Baia Mare, Maramures county.

In early March the former minister was arrested for 30 days, but she was released from prison several days after on medical grounds. Pintea said she was suffering of a serious autoimmune disease.

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