Ex-Interior minister Cristian David prosecuted

Former Interior Minister Cristian David was prosecuted on Thursday by the National Anti-corruption Directorate for bribery, being charged with receiving EUR 500.000 to intercede with Buzau prefect for a person who was claiming the property over a land. His case will be tried by the High Court of Cassation and Justice (the Romanian Supreme Court).

Cristian David, former Liberal minister of Interior during April 2007-December 2008, is charged with receiving EUR 500,000 to intercede with Buzau prefect, Cristinel Bigiu, currently suspended from the position as leader of Buzau County Council, in order to make him decide on a retrocession of a 15-hectare land in Buzau.

According to the prosecutors’ indictment, in order to cover the origin of the bribe several purchase agreements have been signed, referring to some fictional property transactions.

Anti-corruption prosecutors have levied on David’s movable and immovable assets and on the assets of other three defendants in the file.

Former Interior Minister served a pretrial jail sentence in this case from January 22 to March 20, when he has been placed under house arrest. David has been placed under pretrial monitored release since April 17.

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