Ex-minister Darius Valcov put out on an APB following final sentence to 6 yrs in prison

There’s an APB out on the former PSD minister and mayor Darius Vâlcov, after he was not found to be incarcerated, he had to serve a 6-year prison sentence in a case of influence peddling and money laundering.

On Wednesday, the photo of Darius Vâlcov was posted on the website of the Romanian Police, in the “Followed persons” section, with the mention that there is a warrant for the execution of the prison sentence in his name.

Darius Vâlcov was definitively sentenced on Tuesday by the supreme court to six years in prison in a case in which he was sent to court in May 2015 and in which he had been sentenced in the first instance to eight years in prison.

Vâlcov is allegedly in Italy, which has become the refuge of Romania’s famous convicts, including Mario Iorgulescu, Alina Bica and Dragoș Săvulescu.

According to some judicial sources, Darius Vâlcov was not found at the addresses where he was searched. He would have requested residency in Italy, where he has been away for a long time.

In this case, Darius Vâlcov was sentenced, in February 2018, to eight years in prison with execution by a panel of 3 judges from the supreme court. The trial was suspended for nearly two and a half years. Vâlcov was sent to court in 2015 in this case.

During the searches, the prosecutors found a real treasure – over 1.3 million lei, 90,000 euros, three gold bars, weighing three kilograms, and three paintings inscribed Renoir, Jean Cocteau and Aurel Acasandrei, respectively. In total, during the searches, 172 paintings were found, purchased by Vâlcov through intermediaries, some of them being hidden in the false walls of buildings belonging to the former minister.

Darius Vâlcov was considered the gray eminence of the PSD economic program and craftsman of several controversial economic measures, as an advisor to Prime Minister Viorića Dăncilă. Vâlcov is the one who thought and elaborated the controversial GEO 114/2018, which upset several economic sectors (banks, energy, telecom, private pension funds). Darius Vâlcov resigned from the position of advisor to Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă in June 2019. He was also mayor of Slatina and Minister of Finance.

Political sources told Romanian mass media that Darius Vâlcov would be in Italy, where famous Romanian convicts fled to escape prison.

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