Feedback on the CVM report: PM Citu to ‘force’ the coalition’s consent on the bill to disband the special section for investigating magistrates

In retort to the CVM report released by the European Commission for Romania a day ago, PM Florin Cîțu retorted today that nobody can deny that EC supports the CVM being waved for Romania as soon as possible, adding that the Commission has nuanced its statements on the deadline when the judiciary monitoring is lifted.

As for disbanding the Special section for investigating the magistrates’ offenses, PM Citu said that he will have another meeting in the ruling coalition to explain why adopting this bill, currently blocked in the Senate, is so important.

“We are making progress, nobody can deny that. Nobody can deny either that the European Commission is supporting the CVM waving as soon as possible”, the premier stated.

“I will go in the coalition again to explain why this bill is so important and that the draft adopted by the Government is the best solution. I will go to convince the party chairmen that this is the correct solution“, Citu added.

Asked if the Special Section will be dismantled by the end of this year, he replied. “It should be”.


The European Commission adopted on Wednesday, June 8 its latest report on developments in Romania on judicial reform and the fight against corruption, in the context of its commitments under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM).

The report takes stock of the progress under the CVM since October 2019 and assesses progress on the 12 recommendations of January 2017 and the eight additional recommendations of November 2018 within the existing four benchmarks. The fulfillment of all remaining recommendations is essential to the reform process and for allowing the CVM to be completed for Romania.

Since the last CVM report in 2019, the situation within the parameters of the CVM benchmarks has shown a positive trend. The Commission welcomes the fact that a renewed impetus has been given in 2021 to reform and to reverse the backtracking of the 2017-2019 period. The result is that there is progress across all the remaining CVM recommendations and many are on the path to being fulfilled if progress remains steady.

The Commission looks forward to the Romanian authorities translating their commitment into concrete legislative and other measures. The judgment of the Court of Justice of 18 May 2021 provides a clear framework and direction for the ongoing reforms to satisfactorily fulfill the CVM benchmarks, in full respect of the rule of law and of EU law generally. It is essential that the judgement is duly reflected in the new legislation to be adopted.

The Commission will continue to monitor developments closely through the CVM until the benchmarks are met, and, in parallel, will continue to work with Romania in the context of the general rule of law mechanism, as with all Member States. As indicated in the Rule of Law Communication of September 2020, once the CVM ends, monitoring will continue under horizontal instruments. The rule of law mechanism provides the framework for taking these issues forward in the future.

The Commission encourages Romania to meet the commitments made under the CVM and to pursue actively the fulfillment of all the remaining recommendations. The Commission is confident that Romania can fulfill the benchmarks of the CVM if it continues along the current positive trend and resolutely adopts and implements the reforms engaged. The Commission stands ready to support the Romanian authorities to this end.”

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