Four dead at the RAM dairy factory in Ibăneşti

Four men died at the RAM dairy factory in Ibăneşti (Botoșani) after a worker went down into the settling tank, but did not come out, and after him, three other people went down. Among the victims is the administrator of the commercial company.

Two of the victims died on the spot, one at the Emergency Reception Unit of the Mavromati Botoşani Emergency County Hospital, and the fourth in Iasi.
According to the Police, one of the workers was performing maintenance work at the sewage treatment plant, in which context he was hurt, falling into a basin with residual water. Later, two other employees together with the company administrator tried to remove him from the respective pool, but due to the accumulation of gas, all four people fell into unconsciousness.
The territorial labor inspectorate and the police are investigating the scene of the tragedy.
RAM is owned by Radu and Andrei Tudose, according to the data from the Trade Register made available to by the Termene legal platform. The firm had a net turnover of almost 27 million lei in 2023, 20% higher than in 2022. RAM had a net profit of 4.7 million lei, 77% higher than in 2022. The company had an average number of 30 employees in 2023, 3 people less than in 2022.
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