French military found dead in a hotel in Bucharest

A soldier from the French armed forces was found dead in a hotel in Bucharest, with a stab wound in the chest. The file is being processed by the Military Prosecutor’s Office, taking into account the suicide option, according to some judicial sources, which state that he stabbed himself with a pair of scissors found on his chest.

The man’s dead body was lifted to be taken to the Institute of Forensic Medicine, while investigators will analyze images from hotel surveillance cameras and room access cards.

The police were notified through 112 in this case, around noon, after a chambermaid found the man dead in a hotel room in the north of the capital. Police officers from the Homicide Service of the Capital Police went to the scene. The French citizen was 41 years old and a member of the French forces.

According to TVR News sources, the man had stayed at that hotel on Thursday, November 3, together with other French soldiers, having rooms reserved until January 3.

There were no signs of forcing the door of the hotel room, which was locked from the inside, and no signs of a break-in, according to TVR News. France leads the NATO Battle Group in Romania, established since May, with approximately 500 French soldiers stationed in our country.

At France’s proposal to take over the role of the framework nation, the French battalion deployed in Romania, considered the spearhead of NATO’s Very High Reaction Force (VJTF), is currently forming the Collective Defense Battle Group (CDBG) on the territory nationally integrating, on a rotating basis, forces of Belgium and the Netherlands.

The main forces of the CDBG are deployed in the National Combined Training Center in Cincu, where they carry out missions and training activities alongside structures of the Romanian Army.

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