George Copos, released on parole after serving a third of the sentence

George Copos will be released on parole after serving a third of the four-year prison sentence, the Bucharest Court decision on Tuesday being final, so that the former owner of Rapid is to leave prison Tuesday.

The Bucharest Court thus upheld appeal filed by George Copos regarding the District 5 Court decision which rejected the proposal of release on parole. The Bucharest Court ordered that George Copos will be immediately released.

The District 5 Court dismissed, on February 25, the proposal of release on parole for George Copos, sent to the court after the Rahova penitentiary Commission has determined that he meets the conditions to be released, as a third of the four years sentence has been executed.

The District 5 Court magistrate offered reasons for the negative decision, pointing to the fact that Copos wrote five scientific papers while in prison, but he hasn’t proved he tried to improve and did not demonstrate that he made real efforts to social reintegration.

The Bucharest Court also pointed out that by the date on which it was established that George Copos meets the conditions to be released on parole, he had served 322 days in jail. From the sentence have been removed the days he wrote scientific papers while he was incarcerated. According to the law, two days of working on the development of scientific papers published or patented inventions and innovations are considered three days of working days.

George Copos had to serve four years in prison after the Bucharest Court decided not to increase the sentence after merging the sentences in “Loteria I” and in transfers of players’ files.

On August 25, 2014 the Bucharest Court sentenced Copos to four years in prison to be served in the file “Loteria I”. When receiving this punishment, Copos was already imprisoned at Rahova penitentiary, serving his sentence of three years and eight months in prison received in the file regarding transfers of players.


Gheorghe Stefan – closer to be released from arrest


Judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) decided on Tuesday that the former Mayor of Piatra Neamt, Gheorghe Stefan, nicknamed ‘Pinalti’ can go home.

Magistrates have replaced the preventive arrest in the Microsoft file with house arrest, his lawyer said, Antena 3 informs.

The decision is not final, however, the DNA prosecutors will most likely appeal the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Gheorghe Stefan has numerous health problems, which have aggravated during detention which started on October 29, 2014. He had a spine operation in January this year, after which he has returned behind bars.

Dorin Cocos, Gheorghe Stefan “Pinalti”, Nicolae Dumitru “Niro” and Gabriel Sandu were prosecuted on March 23 in the Microsoft folder. Of the four, only Gheorghe Stefan is still in preventive in this case.

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