Gheorghe Dinca prosecuted for 8 crimes in the Caracal case, including for murdering the two missing teen girls

Gheorghe Dincă has been prosecuted for 8 crimes in the Caracal case, the General Prosecutor’s Office announced today, adding that the interim Prosecutor General Bogdan Licu has confirmed the indictment. Dincă is charged with murdering 15-year-old Alexandra Măceșanu, and 18-year-old Luiza Melencu, the two teen girls reported missing last year.

Gheorghe Dincă has been under preventive arrest since last summer, when he was detained for kidnapping Alexandra Măceșanu. Later on, he confessed to murdering both Alexandra and Luiza (in the spring of 2019).
The 8 crimes that he is guilty of are: human trafficking, child trafficking, rape (2 crimes), first-degree murder, grave robbery and desecration of corpses.

At the start of the DIICOT investigation, Gheorghe Dincă claimed he had killed 15yo Alexandra Măceşanu, on July 25, 2019 and he had later burnt her body in a barrel in the backyard. He also confessed to having murdered 18yo Luiza Melencu, reported missing from home on April 2019, and he said he had cut her body and thrown the parts of her body at the edge of the woods in Caracal.

Towards the end of the inquiry, early this year, the defendant changed his testimony, denying he had killed Luiza Melencu and claiming she had been taken by other people from his house after he and a companion had raped her.

Following the DNA expertise conducted by the forensic doctors, investigators announced that the bones found in the ash in Dinca’s courtyard do belong to Alexandra Măceşanu, with a probability of 99.93%.

The bones found in the woods, allegedly belonging to Luiza Melencu, have been also expertised, but specialists haven’t managed to establish the DNA.

Luiza Melencu’s family and lawyer have constantly claimed they don’t believe that Dinca had murdered Luiza, but that she had been trafficked and that she is still alive.

After Dinca’s had changed his plea, saying he had actually not killed Luiza Melencu, Alexandra Măceşanu’s family also voiced hopes that their daughter had not been killed and that she is also alive.

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