Gov’t has set up an agency to manage goods under sequester

The Ministry of Justice has issued a release informing that the government adopted on Wednesday a memorandum to set up an agency to manage goods placed under sequester during criminal proceedings, under the ministry’s coordination. The agency, set up upon the ministry’s initiative, is to become operational by end of March 2015 and will have 30 employees. It would be aimed at managing the goods placed under distrait during penal proceedings.

The agency’s set up is taking place as the government and the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) came under criticism for the small proportion in which final rulings are carried out and for scarce proceedings to recoup the prejudices amounting to several hundreds of millions of euros per year.

The new agency will also coordinate and decide, together with ANAF, upon turning to good account the confiscated goods.

“The setting up of this agency will allow the ministry of justice to turn into good account the goods that now are depreciating due to long judicial procedures and, implicitly, to bring important amounts of money to the state budget,” Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc said.

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