Group of Romanian hackers detected illegally mining cryptocurrencies by infecting the victims’ computers

Bitdefender researchers have discovered a group of Romanian computer attackers who remotely infect computers and servers around the globe, from where they then illegally mine cryptocurrencies, according to a company statement.

The cryptocurrency mining process is time consuming and requires expensive computer systems with high processing power, which is why cyber attackers avoid using their own devices and try to take control of such systems remotely and use them as if they were theirs. After ‘grabbing’ the victims’ systems, which in this case run the Linux operating system, hackers illegally install an application and mine the Monero cryptocurrency indefinitely. Thus, the infected device will no longer work in optimal parameters, it will deteriorate rapidly, the services hosted on the infected servers will work worse, and the electricity consumption paid by the victim will increase.

Computer security researchers at Bitdefender have also found tools that criminals use fraudulently. Thus, the attackers have developed a program that aims to guess the weak passwords used in the protocol through which the remote connection to a server is made, and once you enter the system install a modified application that uses the processing power to mine cryptocurrencies.

The program with which the attackers scan the internet to find vulnerable devices contains words or sentences in a mixture of English and Romanian, the name of the program with which they break the passwords being diicot brute.

During the investigation, Bitdefender researchers found that even in the comments in the applications, hackers use Romanian names.

Bitdefender IT security specialists recommend the use of unique and complex passwords that cannot be broken by repeated attempts, but also the closure of communication protocols that they do not usually use.

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