Interior Minister offers police protection to young woman threatened by ‘Colo’ vlogger’s fans

The case of the vlogger Colo is escalating after his followers had threatened the young girl who had filed a complaint against him.

Now the Interior Minister Marcel Vela came out offering the Police protection to the girl.

“I found out with concern that the young girl who turned in a vlogger for certain crimes is constantly receiving threats from his followers. I am very concerned about this situation that escalated.

That’s why I contacted the young woman and offered our total support, telling her we are standing by her and watching over her safety and integrity.

Youngsters need to understand that their emotions can be expressed in any other way, not through violence, injuries, and threats.

What is most intriguing to me is the violent content that this young man was promoting among his followers. These kids are probably sending, without their parents’ knowledge, aggressive messages which are compromising them and which are already to the attention of the police“, said the minister.

The young girl who reported Colo, a student at SNSPA, told Digi24 that the vlogger’s followers had searched her on the social network, sending her threatening messages.

“A wave of hatred has hit me. Colo’s followers searched me on Facebook and Instagram, called me and sent me audio calls saying that they hope Dinca will kill me, that they will catch me and rape me, or that they will run their cars over me. They called me stupid feminist (…) They blamed me for everything is happening and did not understand that Colo’s statements are serious”, the girl said.

Alexandru Bălan, a Romanian vlogger also known as Colo with over 850,000 followers, was detained for 24 hours on Tuesday evening after policemen in Bucharest had heard him for several hours, under the charge of incitement to violence against minors.

He was released on Wednesday afternoon and placed under judicial control for 60 days, so facing some restrictions pending trial. Prosecutors have also banned him from posting vlogs online (for instance on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok).

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