Interior Ministry eyes higher penalties for police officers’, magistrates’ aggressors

The Interior Ministry wants tough law for those charged with outrage against police officers or magistrates. The sentence can reach now up to 9 years in prison. The decision comes after a traffic officer has been injured by a drunk driver while patrolling in Bucharest on Saturday night.

The ministry led by vice-premier Gabriel Oprea initiated a draft amending two articles of the Criminal Code regarding the outrage and the judicial outrage.

So, the draft says that if you commit a crime against a policeman, gendarme, prosecutor or judge during work you could face a two-thirds higher sentence.

If a person commits violent crimes, injuries against a police officer without jeopardizing his life, the sentences could reach to maximum 3 years and 4 months in jail.

If the police officer needs under 90-day hospitalization following the injuries the sentence could reach to 8 years and four months in prison. If the hospitalization exceeds 90 days, the sentence mounts to 11 years and 8 months in prison.

The draft also includes provisions regarding involuntary accidents, when the penalty could mount to five years in prison.

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