Interior Ministry to start inquiry following police chief’s disclosures on interlopers’ being infiltrated in politics, Police

The Romanian Interior Ministry has announced on Friday it has started an investigation after the chief of the Violent  Criminal Groups Service (a department within the Capital Police to document the activity of the interlopers), had said that interlopers have people infiltrated in politics and the Police.

“Following information released in the public space after an interview with the chief of the Violent  Criminal Groups Service within the Bucharest Police, Interior Minister Marcel Vela has ordered the control body to immediately start an investigation to check the truthfulness of the information and to take the necessary legal actions as soon as possible. The leadership of the Interior Ministry has publicly assumed that the main targets in the upcoming period is the dismantling of the criminal groups and to hold their members accountable. At the same time, we say that NO deviation or interference will be tolerated in the activity of the Interior Ministry’s structure in countering the organized crime”, reads the ministry’s press release.

Chief Commissioner Andrei Marius, the Head of the Violent  Criminal Groups Service has told an interview to Digi24 that the officers of his department would have been pressed to drop some investigations, after they would have been also denied to collaborate with the anti-organized crime prosecutors (from DIICOT). The syncope of last year has prompted the chaos currently seen on the street, which has culminated with the recent killing of an interloper boss.

The police official’s statements come after Interior Minister Marcel Vela himself had sent a message to criminal gangs last week after the mafia settle accounts.

Florin Mototolea, aka Emi Pian, the leader of Duduianu clan in Bucharest died last week at the University Hospital where he had arrived with serious injuries caused by a row in Giulesti Sarbi district in the Capital. The clan leader was allegedly killed in the Mafia style by the members of a rival criminal group.

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