IntMin to criminal gangs: “We are watching you”

“Honest citizens should not be afraid, we are a safe country in terms of public order“, Interior Minister Marcel Vela said on Friday, several days after a settling of scores between two rival interloper gangs in Bucharest prompted the death of a clan leader.
Any citizen who breaks the law will face full rigor of the laws, and honest citizens will be protected“, the minister said, adding that the ministry will come up every Friday with a full report of the police’s actions in countering criminality. “This criminal phenomenon is manifested through aggressive forms and you must be informed about our activity”, Vela added.
“We are watching you”, was the minister’s message to the criminal gangs.
Florin Mototolea, aka Emi Pian, the leader of Duduianu clan in Bucharest has died on Tuesday at the University Hospital where he had arrived with serious injuries caused by a row in Giulesti Sarbi district in the Capital. The clan leader was killed the Mafia style by the members of a rival clan. A suspect is in custody, but Emi Pian’s brothers have been also arrested under the charge of trying to murder their brother’s enemies and potential killers.
After the incident, the house of Emi Pian has been guarded by the policemen to prevent potential conflicts from escalating.
Several weeks before, prosecutors announced that 13 members of the Duduianu clan are criminally prosecuted under the charge of threatening some ‘manele’ singers who had been extorted of hundreds of thousands of euros and had been forced to perform at several events for free.

The public opinion and mass media have though reported lately about the complicity between the criminal gangs and the some policemen in wrongdoings.

Liberal MP Adrian Saftoiu recounted on Thursday about the case of a young undercover policewoman planted in a human trafficking ring who had managed to gather evidence against the human traffickers but had to give up after she had received threatening messages against her family.

Precisely on the day that she was to reveal the heads of the human trafficking ring, she was at her home and heard the alarm of her car. She looked on the window and saw a funeral wreath on her car. She also got a message in her mailbox: “<Give up now if you don’t want us to take care of your child>,” Saftoiu recounted, adding that few knew that she was undercover and where she lives and that means that her own colleagues from the police had threatened her.

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