Investigators detect new way of forging the green COVID certificate, family doctors allegedly involved

The Ministry of the Interior announced the policemen had detected a new mode of operation used to illegally obtain the green COVID certificate – some family doctors allegedly forged the test results for certain patients, unrealistically attesting that they are infected with SARS-CoV-2. Thus, the patients would benefit from paid medical leave and obtain the green certificate, although in reality they did not have COVID.

Interior Ministry spokeswoman Monica Dajbog announced in a press conference on Friday that 7,924 checks had been made in the past seven days on how anti-COVID measures were being complied with and fines mounting to RON 4.2 million had been imposed.

Most sanctions were applied for: not wearing a protective mask – 17,237;  non-compliance with travel bans – 2,549; non – compliance with quarantine or isolation measures – 306. At the same time, 40 criminal cases were opened, of which 16 for the crime for foiling disease prevention.

At present, the police are working on over 400 criminal cases regarding possible fraud in the process of issuing approximately 1,330 vaccination certificates or certificates. 1,069 people are being investigated in these cases, according to the Interior Ministry.

In the last week, 22 criminal cases have been opened for “fake vaccination”,  with 26 people being investigated.

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