Judge blocked the action of the Romanian state to recover RON 1.4 bln from the Micula brothers

A judge blocked the action of the Romanian state to recover 1.4 billion lei from the empire of the Micula brothers. The European Commission is ‘stunned’ by this decision and the inaction of the Romanian state in recovering the money, Newsweek reports.

Judge Prahancă Emilia-Maria has recently graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca, which she graduated in 2016. She has only two years of practice in the courts, including one year of internship. She was appointed on the first day of 2021 as a trainee judge at the Reșița Court after graduating from the National Institute of Magistracy (INM) so that two years later in May 2022 she will be appointed as a judge at the Beiuș Court.

Three months later, he gets to judge the case of the Micula brothers. She was the president of the court panel that signed the conclusion no. 608/2022 of August 11, 2022 (file 2201/187/2022), by which it provisionally suspended and without recourse the tax execution procedure initiated by the Romanian state against the 8 companies from the empire of the Micula brothers as well as the two businessmen, Ioan and Viorel Micula.

According to the documents consulted by Newsweek, EU officials are amazed by the fact that the Romanian state has not been able to recover a total amount of 1.4 billion lei from the empire of the Micula brothers for 7 years. The money represented state aid illegally granted by the Romanian state to the two businessmen and the related penalties. “The Commission’s services remind Romania that a decision of the Commission addressed to a member state is binding for all the organs of that state, including its courts. The Romanian authorities are also reminded that national procedures cannot be used as a pretext to justify the non-execution of recovery in accordance with the principle of the supremacy of European law”, says the EC.

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