Malta rejects Romania’s extradition request for Paul Philippe of Romania

A court in Malta rejected, on Monday, the request of the Romanian authorities to extradite Paul Philippe to Romania, the magistrate appreciating that there is a “real risk” that his fundamental rights will be violated, according to the Times of Malta. The decision is not final.
Prince Paul Phillipe of Romania, one of the famous fugitives from our country, was caught in Malta at the end of April this year. He was remanded in a luxury resort in Malta, where he spent the vacation next to his wife.
The Romanian authorities have been trying for over three years to bring into the country Paul Philippe of Romania, definitively sentenced, in December 2020, to three years and four months in prison in the case of the illegal retrocession of the Royal Farm from Băneasa.
Last November, the Paris Court of Appeal also rejected the request of the Bucharest authorities to bring to Romania Paul Philippe of Romania (75 years old), who claimed that the extradition request was made “for political purposes”.
The French authorities invoked the illegal composition of the court panel in Romania, more precisely, the fact that one of the judges would not have taken the oath upon being sworn into office. Although the case prosecutor from the French Public Prosecutor’s Office declared an appeal, he did not justify the appeal within the time limit and, therefore, was denied the time limit, and the decision of the first court remained final, explained the Ministry of Justice.
Paul de Romania was prosecuted in December 2020 after he fled Romania before being definitively sentenced by the supreme court to 3 years and 4 months in prison in the case of the illegal retrocession of the Royal Farm in Băneasa. On June 27, 2022, he was caught on the street in Paris, and during the checks he presented a passport issued by the British authorities. In September, he was released from prison by a decision of the Paris Court of Appeal, being placed under judicial control.
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