Mayor of Voluntari, Florentin Pandele, investigated for violence following incriminating Facebook post

The mayor of Voluntari, Florentin Pandele, the husband of Bucharest general mayor Gabriela Firea is to be heard by the prosecutors in Buftea for beating and other violence.

The investigations come after several images depicting mayor Pandele were released on Facebook by a man.

The footages show two men, Pandele being one of them, talking near a car and the mayor hitting his interlocutor at some point. During the discussion, the victim is hit several times.

The victim Bogdan Dinulescu told a TV station that the Voluntari mayor verbally and physically aggressed him for he was at the Arch of Triumph to protest against the mayor’s wife, Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea and to ask her “when it will be a normal traffic in Bucharest”.

Dinulescu claims that several people witness the incident and they can also confirm that Pandele aggressed him and threatened him with death.

Florentin Pandele could not be contacted for a position in this case so far.

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