Mihail Balasescu, former PNL deputy secretary general, found dead. The main hypothesis – crime, the main suspect – father in law

Mihail Balasescu, former deputy secretary general of the National Liberal Party (PNL), was found dead Friday evening in a home in Ilfov County and the first assumption is that he was murdered.
According to sources, the man was found dead, covered with a blanket in the house of a relative of one of his former four wives.
A team of officers from the homicide and forensic department of Ilfov County Police has begun investigating the site.
According to investigators, Balasescu’s death was violent and they consider the hypothesis of murder.
Mihail Balasescu was PNL deputy secretary general during the period when Crin Antonescu was president of the party.
The main suspect is a former in-law, the father his last wife, in whose house the body was found. According to the quoted sources, the former father in law had left a note announcing he was going to kill Balasescu and that afterwards he will not be found.
Balasescu, married four times, was found dead in his father in law’s house, Ilfov County by a woman who called 112.

Lawyer: Mihail Balasescu had filed complaints against his former wife and her relatives


The lawyer who represented Mihail Balasescu in the partition claims that the former Liberal had filed to the Police several complaints against his former wife and her relatives, which allegedly had trailed him.

Lawyer Lidia Cernatescu said on Saturday that a conflict between Mihail Balasescu and his ex-wife Ana Maria Burchel started after Balasescu received a car following the partition of goods. The car, however, had been used by the Balasescu’s former father in law.

According to the lawyer, on August 31, Mihail Balasescu had called her to tell her that the former father in law called him to hand him the car. “He called him on August 31 to hand him the car, but I advised him not to go.”

The District 5 Court ruled on July 21 in the partition lawsuit between Mihail Balasescu and his ex-wife Ana Maria Burchel. The court ordered that the former Liberal deputy secretary should receive a Ford Fiesta car, worth RON 11,000, and ordered Ana Maria Burchel to pay her former spouse RON 920.25.

Ana Maria Burchel asked in October 2013 the District 5 Court for an order of protection against Mihail Balasescu. She subsequently withdrew the application.

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