Miners’ riot file: Prosecutors say Ion Iliescu decided during a meeting with Petre Roman to call the miners to Bucharest

The military prosecutors handling the miners’ riot file in June 1990 have communicated the charges against senior officials in the dossier, led by Ion Iliescu, Petre Roman and Virgil Magureanu, digi24.ro reports.
The prosecutors have evidence showing that Ion Iliescu, Petre Roman, Virgil Magureanu and other generals attended a secret meeting on June 12, 1990, during which Ion Iliescu ordered that the protesters in University Square be dispersed. These orders were applied on June 13, when the forces of the Interior Ministry and of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) have systematically attacked the population, prosecutors say.
For these orders, prosecutors say, Ion Iliescu must be investigated for crimes against humanity. Had the Criminal Code not have been changed, the former president should be investigated for genocide and inhumane treatment.
“In the days of June 11-12, 1990, as chairman of the Provisional Council of National Unity (CPUN), together with civil Petre Roman, civil Magureanu Virgil, civil Voiculescu Gelu-Voican, civil Dumitru S. Nicolae, General (res.) Chitac Mihai, Major General (res.) Diamandescu Corneliu, Major General (res.) Mugurel Florescu and others, he decided the violent repression of the demonstration in Universiatii Square, based on this judgment being triggered, in the morning of June 13, 1990, an attack on a civilian population, attended by military forces of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence and the Romanian Intelligence Service, the attack resulted in the deaths of four people and the injuring three others due to gunshot and injury and deprivation of freedom for approximately 270 people. Subsequently, on June 13, 1990, together with civil Petre Roman, with other Government members, union leaders and leaders of industrial centres and coal fields in the country, he decided to arrange the travel to Bucharest over 10,000 workers in the days of June 14-15, 1990, to continue the attack started in the morning of June 13, 1990 on a civilian population, causing bodily harm and false imprisonment of a number of 1,000 people,” the prosecutors say.

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